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Question For Ebaums World


O. K., I have a question for Ebaums World.  Why don't you have a way to buy your cheesy crap in the prize store with regular money?  Isn't there a market for these items among the members and visitors that would justify opening up the store to cash customers? Do we really have to dedicate our lives to posting stupid shit here so we can earn enough Ebones to get a T-shirt or a fake Tat?.  Just think how much more exposure you could get with thousands of teenagers and older losers walking around in an Ebaums tee.  Drinks would taste better with an Ebaums cup. You would never forget where you left your keys if they where attached to an Ebaums key chain.  And you would be guaranteed to get laid any time you whipped out your Ebaums condoms.


So WTF Ebaums?  Who's in charge of marketing over there for Chrissake?  Lets get it together. and Blah blah blah... that's all I've got. 

laptopia Uploaded 01/24/2012
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