Whiny Bitches Crying About SOPA

It's annoying to read opinions from those idiots who keep spamming different kinds of shit about SOPA/PIPA censoring the internet or that it's against the freedom on the web. Dawnthief crying about Megaupload being shut down when he still had a few days on the premium download he paid for was hysterical. Like seriously, do you even realise how you sound?

Oh wow, they soooo censored your freedom on the internet. They shut down the pirated warez servers like Megaupload and Filesonic and Fileserve. Come on, that's such a violation or the internet freedom. Like they don't let people upload pirated media. They offer it to the people who want to keep stuff online. Like totally not to encourage people to upload illegal warez. Nuh uh. They even offer premium downloads, so you can download your uploads much faster, or you can download those free things that are legal. It's so not a way to fence pirated warez and to profit of them, like come on.

It's amazing that people still act like it's a violation of law, when the law is so flawed, it lets people profit by offering server space for illegal media. Cry some more, pissant-poor, loser. You'll have to mow the neighbors lawn to get the money for a legal CD. Boo hoo. So unrighteous. Blame the evil corporations who bought off the government to close down your precious warez sites. They get soooo much money and it's so unfair that they worked for the money they earned, and it's so unfair that your shitty garage band doesn't concert around the world and Justin Bieber does. Oh no, blame FBI. They closed down your Megaupload and you paid for the fast download. Will they refund you the money you spent to download those legal movies, naturally not the pirated games and Japanese cartoons. Seriously, what's wrong with the country? That's violating the freedom and the LAW! Seriously, come on

Uploaded 01/25/2012
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