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Thanks pepperpeanut

I disagree with the drama queen letemdangle about the edit option, its probably to make it easier for the staff to know what the blogs contain because until recently you could edit any of your blogs and put inapropriate information there. its especially important to disable that option now that theres this SOPA / PETA / ACTA discussion. Theres much to keep so theres order you know? you need to accept that the staff is not having an easy time with stupid people, yes I mean people like you letemdangle because theres you and other troll drama queens acting like children here. its an improvement for this section to need to post a new blog if you want an edit included in it, so you dont post something inapropriate in an edit to a previous blog, you dig? get over it or go cry to a linkin park forum or something emo lol 

yo pepperpeanut keep up the great work aye
cutedude Uploaded 02/01/2012
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