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Proof Global Warming is Bullshit


We all hear and read how the sea level is rising as the polar caps melt away into the ocean. I've always been reluctant to accept the idea that it was because of man made activities. In fact I was dubious it was even happening, after today I am certain. Every once in a while you come across some story that goes against commonly accepted notions. This story below definitely fits that bill.  How can a lake form from dropping sea levels if the sea level is rising?  Answer, it can't. Simply put, the authors of this story unwittingly have put to rest the idea that global warming exists, either man made or otherwise. Case closed!

At Jellyfish Lake in the Pacific island of Palau, it's safe to swim among millions of jellyfish, because the sometimes-deadly creatures have lost their sting.

Jellyfish Lake, based on the Pacific island of Palau, was once connected to the Pacific Ocean. But when the sea level dropped, jellyfish became isolated in the algae rich lake and eventually lost their sting. (Caters New Agency)

Swimmers feel hundreds of "soft blobs" gentle touching their skin as they paddle in Palau Lake. (Caters News Agency)
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