No cock for me, Im a feminist!

No cock for me Im a feminist! A phase one might hear around the dinner table in civilised society in 1890's Wales. It meant, no thank you, I do not want to be de-feminised by eating your cock. A reference towards the host who, through traditions spanning hundreds of years, offered his cock to be gobbled up by the female guest of honour. By feeding her his cock, it was an acknowledgement that he was her better and by eating the male hen (the cock) as part of her main course, it showed her obedience to the man of the house, even though she is the guest of honour. For as guest of honour, one has full, unrestricted access to the homestead; as is custom in the upper echelons of society 19th century Wales.

In modern Wales much has changed. Although in many houses the cock is still swallowed, many women feel things should go a bit further, and that the men should in fact, now eat the cock; and indeed many do. Though of course frowned upon by some parts of society, who feel it goes against the natural order of things; behind closed doors, men do eat cock.

The question is: Is modern man indeed ready to share the cock with women? Are men and women ready to eat cock together. Is society; neigh the world; ready to move forward into a golden age of cock gobbling equality? Men, women and indeed children of all colours, religions or sexual preference; coming together to munch on cock. I see it now; a new world order where we all eat cock together, in harmony, in justice, in freedom! Lets all get hold of our cocks together and make the future ours!!

Uploaded 03/20/2012
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