I slammed four black bitches yesterday!

Yesterday, my boys and I went to some club in downtown Toronto to find a couple of bitches to slam, bam, and say thank you ma'am! My boy Mercutio was going on and on about how he's tired of the same typical mundane white pasty bitches up here in Canada and he wanted to dip his appendage into some fresh new coloured meat. I was like, "Yo bro, I gotta agree with you - I appreciate them white girls but we need to start finding some ethnic girls to spread our seed, you feel me?"

When we arrived to the club, the place was FILLED TO THE BRIM with freaking black bitches ... and God damn, it was like a Sickle Cell Anemia convention up in there! My other boy Tyler had a couple of glocks tucked into his pants and showed them to the bouncer as means of intimidation. Of course, the baby bitch bouncer bugged the hell OUT and threatened to call the Toronto po po on us. We deceived that bitch into thinking we left but we actually snuck around to the backdoor, where my other boy Vinny yanked a freaking hammer out of his suit (believe me, I ain't lying!) and starting whaling at the freaking backdoor. Baam, baam, baam, the freaking door literally exploded and we walked right into the joint. 

We were greeted by ten fine black bitches, eyeing our crotch areas because they knew they wanted some big white cocks in their tight pussy holes! I started grinding on four of them, their big black booties pulsating to the freaking beat (boosh boosh boosh boosh), up and down like a freaking carnival ride in Coney Island! I got pre ejaculation all over my pants but I held my ground - I took the four bitches home and starting riding them like there was no tomorrow. One bitch kept screaming that she loved my big white uncircumcised cock and that her black Nigerian boyfriend paled in comparison. 

WOOO WOOO WOOO, I heard the cops pull up to my boy Tommy's apartment! My boy Tommy started bugging out, man, let me tell you that much. I saw helicopters, armored vehicles ... all coming after us for no reason. If anything, the police didn't want us fucking these beautiful black bitches. My boy with the glocks in his pants, Tyler, told us to run and to take the bitches to safety and he would fight them off. POW POW POW, my boy Tyler started unloading on these fucking pigs, POW POW POW, the gatts were going BRAPPPP and I just saw my boy Tyler owning these pigs. 

None of us got hurt and we managed to escape - afterwards, we had a celebratory fuck and got the fuck out of there. Moral of the story: don't go to Canada for some black bitches because they're racist as shit. LATER. 

Uploaded 03/31/2012
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