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Testing Artists

How many poets,
have never succeeded?
No success,
just constantly defeated
How many painters,
 never made a wage
From the skill that they love,
never made it on stage

If we play it by the numbers,
the numbers seem to say
law of averages plays out cruel,
and many rue the day

For every one celebrity,
masses fall by the road
Dwelling in obscurity,
 never to be known
How many scribbles,
how many songs?
How much is unknown,
unseen and undrawn?

Am I among the many?
Is my art nothing but SHIT???
Do I have the delusion,
that I have the next hit?

The next biggest thing,
the one that catches
Makes you puzzle,
and your head scratches

I'll keep trying,
As the world implodes,
I'll show you the mess
The Rorschach debris,
 and what it means to obsess

I don't know much,
but I think it is best
To judge for yourself,
and put my work to the test...

artman4444 Uploaded 04/15/2012
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