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Obama! Internet Hero?


So now CISPA is on the table gathering support to allow government to spy on all your thoughts and communications. I know many of you would be happy if I got droned or at least taken away by a couple of guys in white coats. Then you wouldn't need to skip over my blogs or read my "Propoganda". 

So the White House has denounced CISPA and yet it is getting growing support in the Congress?  How strange a law that would disenfranchise many more people from government is sitting there conveniently gathering support while waiting for Obama to stamp on it. Will Obama try to convince the Congress it is a bad idea or will it pass and the the Mighty Obama swoops in with a veto! I predict the latter.

Oh, what fine theatrics these bastards play! 

Consider This!

Letemdangle Uploaded 04/24/2012
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