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Vive la Revolution!

It is well noted that the mark of a real revolution is when it spills over onto other nations. The   thrust  of a new power  is so awe inspiring  it carries over into the hearts and minds of other people outside it's own borders.

This is certainly happening with the Ron Paul Revolution, here in Canada and as far away as Spain. Considering the world wide media blackout of the campaign, this phenomenon is even more note worthy. As Spain suffers with huge unemployment  and a very unstable economy, people are actually taking to the streets to spread the Ron Paul Revolution. This despite zero media coverage in that country. 

While America flounders, the Ron Paul Revolution offers hope and solutions. If they can recognize that as far away as Spain, then it won't be long before America sees it and once again embraces freedom.

Vive la Revolution!!

Letemdangle Uploaded 04/29/2012
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