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hi guys, this is the officiul WE HATE NEKO blog post so please contribute!!!! heres a q and a with me to dixcuss why we hate neko. 



Q: what is the purpose of this blag? 

A: its simple we need to kill the neko and remove her stupid alts from this stupid blog section so my buddies letemdangle and other important peoples can talk about there politics and arthritus! 

q: who is neko? lolz

A: NEKO IS THE DEVIL she is a stupid dumb dumb head who lieks to harass people for being stupid and ugly! she smells like cat litter and she is actually a man accoring to my buddy rin who PROVEDED THAT NEKO IS A MAN BY ANAYLZYING THE PIXELS IN PICTURES!!!! rin is a phorensics expert and hse knows how to do that stuff she works for the FBI liek she said in her PROFILE!!!!!

Q: how can i help and join the cause to remove neko from blog? 

a: Uh yeah simple right NOT! you have otp orve yourself by liek talking bad stuff about neko here are some examples:

1) CALL NEKO A MAN 2) tell nekos alts to EAT DOO DOO (LOL XD XD XD) 3) flag blogs that promote neko and call her good names like SMART AND BEAUTIFUL EBCAUSE SHES NOT 5) tell a moderator so that neko can be humiliyated! 6) CALL NEKO ANTI ASIAN SLURS like my buddy GI JOE and other people who fought in the Korean War did when they used to bang the Vietnameses peoples LOL 7) be like tomlin and just start talking about how GOD is actually his mother in LAW LOL!!!!!!!!

Q: do you have an eNeko system????

A: YES! we do have a eNeko system anytime you report neko or call neko a bad name, you get a point. when you gets liek a lot of points you will get a t shirt shipped to you LIKE THIS ONE:


THE T SHIRT above is about hmmm maybe 100000 eNeko bones? I need to speak with my accountant macdreidel so he can anaylze and crunch numbers to get the good conversions going

Q: who is the prettiest girl on the forum ?

A: A TIE BETWEEN TYAEDA and RIN both beautiful lovely girls who deserve kisses and hugs all around for being sweethearts and having good cat and anime addictions!!! MWAHHHHHHH to my honnies Tyaeda nd Rin, xoxox <333333

Q: i actually like neko! you need to stop being a hater! 

A: LOL your an idiot, Neko is the devil and she is a rotten stupid SLOPE WHORE BITCH like GI Joe lieks to yell when hes drunk at the asian sake bars, WE HATE YOU NEKO now GET OUT OF OUR BLOGS! 

Well that was the Q AND A I hope the members and new members join up to get rid of neko the devil peace of crap LOSER! we hate you neko, BUZZ OFF BECAUSE THE BLOG NOW BELONGS TO US !!!!! ANTI NEKO BLOGGERS UNITE!!!!!


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