Tattoo Artists HELP!!

I have been an artist since a very young age. I currently have 19 tattoos and love the art of tattooing. I recently picked up tattooing as a new outlet for my creativity, the art of immortilizing your work onto someone else is a very humbling feeling and i enjoy it very much. Being a new artist i am not all that familiar with every aspect of tattooing yet, I do research on different techniques and products, but reviews are hard to come by and i know there are alot of artists out there that wouldn't mind giving a few pointers. Currently i am looking for pointers on a good shading machine, vivid color inks, and the proper technique and type of needle to use to get a nice even fade for shading. Links to sites where i can find the products you recommend are appreciated but please if you have a link send it to me in a message. any other tips or tricks are welcomed as well. I would like to thank you for your input.
Uploaded 05/10/2012
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