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God Coming Back?

Is God coming home?
No one seems to know
What's unexpected
moves ever slow

Tired of the
humble path
How long's the wait,
why must it last?

If there's a god,
then he's coming back
Beyond science
unprovable fact

But is the deity,
really coming home?
If not ,I think that
 we all are boned
Cuz regardless or not,
 if God will appear
Evil exists,
its already here

they stockpile guns,
 missiles and weapons
Too much technology,
watches where we're steppin'

They wanna enslave,
and make others witness
The power of hate,
and forget forgiveness

So, fuck it, why not,
believe in almighty?
Cuz either way,
we all are fighting
Fighting control,
fighting enslavement
The enemy uses tactics,
so cruel, its amazement

I'd rather die,
 than to bury my head
sand holds no comfort,
 let me stand tall instead
Those who stand for nothing,
will fall for anything
only the test of time,
will show what the future will bring
artman4444 Uploaded 05/14/2012
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