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The Advantage to Damage


I'm damaged
How could this shit have happened?
Super-spaced synapsis
Dendrite debris collapses

Broken down,
can't manage
thoughts all toxic
and savage
But I guess that's what happens:
Tangled in all the trappin's

Blood flow bursts,
carries doses
so heart valves
 opens and closes

Electrical lies,
spread 'cross the brain
Enforces methods,
and making insane

or manic behavior
Difference is minute,
'tween psychotic and savior

A couple loose wires
in human programin'
Makes murder take over,
shooting and stabbin'

Others, catatonic
The cells all compliant
Neither stopping, nor starting
completely unself-reliant

I think I'm in the middle,
between functioning and broken
Able to perform tasks,
And stupid rhymes
that go unspoken

meanwhile, reality
seems most escaping
Living in my own world,
who says I need saving?
I'm content by myself,
just put up a wall
Subsiding on nothing,
has advantages, afterall
artman4444 Uploaded 05/15/2012
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