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I'll Meet You At the Bottom

I'll meet you at the bottom,
where dreams and plans fall through
I might just give an option,
Of what you have to do

I've been there, done that
failed time and time again
Take it from someone who knows
Failure has many friends

It's lonely at the top,
But there's plenty down below
Out near bottoms edge,
With nowhere left to go

We're in it together,
bullshit, and bad weather
caught about the neck
too tightly tethered

Make a raft of mistakes,
to take on the wakes
as the water takes shape
on an ocean of breaks

There's no limit to failure
unlike paths to success
which are limited by those
who give up, for the best

But its the truly crazy ones,
who march and charge toward
Nothing to lose, makes them
Thirst for their reward
artman4444 Uploaded 05/16/2012
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