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The American Dance

Put your hands on your head
Where I can see them
now spread apart your feet

that's right, just like that
Now drop to your knees
handcuffs to the wrist

"what did I do?"
You give a shootout
"can you shout it back???"
"Miranda Rights", is the reply

If you're lucky, that is,
Do you feel lucky Oakland?
What about you, Wallstreet?!?!
Don't forget about IOWA. It's there,
they just don't get a lot of attention
I want to give a shout out to you too:
"you have the Right to Remain Silent"

If you give up that right
give up your right
give up your rights
give up your life

Fall to your knees, crowd
Let the music take over, siren wail
Let the teargas canister welcomes
usher us in, UC Irvine
tears and fears, let them accumulate
back in the car, the van, the bus,
The Party Bus
Buses full of cops in riot gear
Ready to dance
on poor hippie's faces
Ballistic shields
are today's accessories
batons are all the rage

Next stop to county, where the party will continue
Party Bus is on the move, no bail-outs for these people
just bail-bonds, and exchanging of cash

This dance is spreading worldwide
You'll get in on the action.
You don't have a choice.
The Party Bus will be knocking on your door soon...

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