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An Ode to a Hot Dog

Features and feeches
fartknocker's the man
collectin' ebones
just doin' what he can

Rocking the vids,
and pushing the puns
when you hit play
you won't stop laughin' till done

Oh, did I mention,
he's moderator?
a level-headed frankfurter
no need for debater

Chuck Norris ain't got nothing'
on my ole pal fartknocker
beyond a friend, sticks up from his end
we shoot the shit, all good and proper
he's a true bro, not a cock-blocker
but he'll tell a fart joke, or a real shocker

mustard-shot hotdog
eternally crude
here's to you, fartknocker
you're one cool dude!!!!

artman4444 Uploaded 05/23/2012
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