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Making Money Off of Kids

We all despise the drug dealers who use kids to make a profit.  Companies that push Sugar Floaties during  Sesame Street  should also be considered criminal. But what if people made a profit by ripping out a four year old's baby teeth and replaced then with metal crowns after subjecting that young person to ten X-rays?  On top of that, add, not getting parental permission?
This actually happened to one small boy named Isaac Gagnon of Camp Verde, Arizona. 

The kid was screaming and fighting so hard they had to call in teachers to hold him down. This is obscene and totally disgusting. Again, this type of "Progressive" program is managed by private equity firms under the mandate of Medicaid. 

For fucks sake!!! You cannot hold the interest of children's health under the control of investment firms in bed with government political influence. This is why Obamacare will fail, the interested parties have only one interest and it is not for the patient. 


Letemdangle Uploaded 05/28/2012
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