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Karen Klein Called Fat, Receives More Charity Than a 9-11 Widow

In a recent example of charitable insanity, angry Internet mobs have given $648,000 to a woman named Karen Klein because she got verbally harassed on the bus by some middle school scumbags (see: eBaums userbase).

(Pictured Above: The hive-mind shows that sometimes a kicked beehive oozes honey.)

The offending children have already received countless death threats, many from full-grown adults. And with good reason: those kids were being mean.

(Pictured Above: Man takes a tough stance on bullies)

The students were heavily influenced by the rush of freedom associated with summer vacation and the knowledge that Karen Klein's barely perceptible tyranny was over. "Karen is no longer my laissez-faire master," they thought. "Karen is a fatass."

In those kids defense, Karen is overweight.

(Pictured Above: Karen on the bus, thinking about how shell secretly start the kickstarter.)

In case you don't know what happened, the video is posted below. As you watch, see if you still feel bad knowing that she's making $1,064 per second. 

I would happily take ten minutes of brutal verbal abuse for 100 dollars. The experience would leave me with a little spending money and provide valuable insight into the way people regard my fashion, weight and smell.

(Pictured Above: Child being bullied for free)

Karen will be fine. These kids did just two things: 1) invited a lot of terror into their lives from rage-filled vigilantes, and 2) made $648,000 for Karen to spend wherever she wants (watch out, Wal-Mart).

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