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NES Nostalgia

Recently I found an awesome website where it's possible to play old nes games without the need of an emulator - they are available to play directly in the browser. I don't know wheter or not I'm allowed to advertize the site so I won't say it's name, but for those curious, you can either pm me, or use google. It has the console's name and "box" in it. 

I was happy to play one of my favorite games I played when I was a child, meaning Tiny Toon Adventures. That game was amazing. It's also great that you can save your game's progress and return to it later.


I'm amazed at how imaginative some of the old NES games were - when it comes for the design, graphics and music, when the possibilities of the processor limited them so much. Nowadays it's much up to the graphics to guarantee the success of a new game. In the early 90s it was the gameplay.
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