Obama Versus Ron Paul

Recently people have been whining about how I don't understand Paul's policies. To me it sounds obvious what he's about. Promising more money to the stupid (cut back on the military and prison system) by putting the country's safety at risk and releasing criminals is policy number one. The second one is bringing back the "freedom" to America. Meaning: the freedom of the Founding Fathers. MEANING: the freedom from the times when slavery was legal in America and women weren't allowed to vote. Great logic, retards.

I'm not American but I like to tell other people what's best for them. That's why I decided I'm going to support Obama. If you're reading this, be sure to vote for Barrack Obama in the upcoming elections. Why?

Barrack Obama is the cutest candidate

He's not an old ignoramus

He likes techno music.

And most importantly, he's not an idiot, nor tries to manipulate the poor and gullible idiots into voting for him. He doesn't need pot heads and criminals to vote for him. His voters are the elite.

Uploaded 07/20/2012
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