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Neko's Feature Picks - Tuesday, 31/07/2012


Ohayou, guys! I keep receiving pms from users saying their clips are great but they aren't getting featured, and you watch some shit instead. The featured media are designed in a way to please as many viewers as possible, therefore many of them will not suit you, but others will surely be more to your liking. You don't discuss about what's funny - it might be funny to you and not funny to someone else, so think about that.

I've decided I'll be choosing the clips I like and feature one from time to time. Today's clip is a very funny video made by Kim Jong Un as a college project. As you can see, he's not only a talented leader, but also a great singer, dancer and director. Kudos to Rockczar for this fantastic upload!

shylilazn Uploaded 07/31/2012
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