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Enough is Enough! Take Away The Ammo!


I know some of you out there probably think that this is about taking ammo away from guns. Well to be clear, it's not! It's about certain people who think they can dictate how someone should think, how someone should act, and how someone should feel. This is about taking power away from people who don't deserve to have it!

There is a gal that has come on the scene that likes to get negative feedback and loves it!

Don't give her the sadisfaction. Don't read her blogs, but if you do, don't comment on them.

It's simple. Thats how you take the ammo away!!!! Let her live in her fantasy world with the few followers that she has and we can go on being who we are and not subjecting ourselves to pointless rhetoric.

Be safe out there!

rainbowrider Uploaded 08/08/2012
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