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How Could They Do This To Alien?

You know an idea that's so brilliant almost everyone's happy to hear about it. The creativity and concept along with originality that puts you in awe. And then... the author shits all over it. This already happened with the classic movie Highlander, where the first movie was a legend, and in the sequel they turned the hero into an alien and the action took place in space. If you think that was stupid, how about the 2012 prequel to Alien?

There's been a lot of sequels to this magnificent movie with Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen. Aliens VS Predator, as well as its continuation was some kind of a weird experiment, but it wasn't the idiocy the author himself prepared with Prometheus. The aliens aren't aliens. It turns out that they are some kind of a human experiment (!), which doesn't make any sense considering the predators fought them on earth and breeded them in ancient times.

That movie sucks ass.
shylilazn Uploaded 08/09/2012
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