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I'm Going To Fuck This Bitch Up

I called out this man.


I said he is not really jacked. He just has popcorn muscle.

He replied, all butt hurt and shit.

"just give me your phone number and home adress and ill be there"

I did not validate his reply with a response.

A month later, his butt is still hurt.

"yep still waiting on u to give me ur adress so i can come beat the fuck out of u"

I told him where I live.

I told him where to find me and when.

He backed out like a little bitch and didn't say shit.

I doubled down.

I purchased a plane ticket for him to fly over here. I told him the rules of the fight.

He pussed out like a coward and didn't say shit.

I am a trained fighter. jag026 is not. I will fuck him up.

My most recent message to him: Stop avoiding the fight, you scared little bitch. Man up or shut up. You will be riding the short bus back home after I beat your wack ass down, and make you taste bitter defeat. Send the #. Let's do this, popcorn muscle man.

Popcorn Muscle Man (jag026)

mralcahuete Uploaded 08/10/2012
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