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Axl Rose's Downfall


Even if you're not old enough to remember the epic band Guns 'N' Roses, you probably heard their songs or watched Terminator 2: Rise Of The Machines where they performed the theme song. Guns'N'Roses  was a sensation in the 1990s and one of the most genius bands thanks to their charismatic, handsome singer - Axl Rose.


I mean, look at him! Wow. He's so cool and cute. 

Correction, WAS, because he looks like a fat pig nyao. What happened? In the early 2000's Guns'N'Roses replaced a shitty guitarist named Slash with a guitar virtuoso, Buckethead. It was the greatest decision Axl has ever made and the band was more popular than ever. It was after a few years when Axl decided that Buckethead won't play with them because he's much cooler than the rest of the band and it's Axl's band so he should be the star.

After Buckethead left the band, almost nobody wanted to go to the concerts and Axl began to eat and eat. This is the same Axel.


Perhaps if Buckethead would play with Guns'N'Roses, Axl would go on a diet and be pretty again. Knowing how awesome Buckethead is, he'll surely agree to help his friend. 

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