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How Obama Crushed Ron Paul


Thanks to educated people like me and others that wrote articles about the deceitful ways of Ron Paul, who tried to get votes from stoners and criminals, by promising to legalise drugs and let crooks out of prisons. In the upcoming election president, Barack Obama has nothing to fear from Romney.

Let's take a look at the awesomeness of one of America's greatest leaders.

1. He's bad ass.


When the other candidates keep whining and complaining about shit, he's doing something. He's been places and he knows how to run shit.

2. He's a cool bloke


Could you name other president that was this awesome? I guess president Lincoln who was a vampire hunter before he got elected president, but that was hundreds of years ago.

2. He's a true hero


Singlehandedly saved the nation from a economical crysis, captured Osama Bin Laden and revolutionised the health care system. Any questions?

3. He's a role model


He's not some figure head. He's a 100% man, a husband and a father.

4. With Barack as president, you also have Michelle as the first lady


What's better than Barack Obama? The First Couple!

5. He's with the people


Instead of being a stuck up rich douche bag who knows nothing about the people, he's not only one of the people, he still respects everybody in the nation he's running.

6. He's got class


He knows how to show the world America is an awesome nation with an appropriately awesome president.

7. He's the best looking and smartest candidate


During his election, he didn't fail even once. The most popular argument his enemies use against him for over 4 years is that stupid birth certificate shit that was proved to be genuine. Stop whining, bitches, and accept your old new president, Barack 'Awesome' Obama.

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