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10 Facts About Marijuana


Many druggies keep whining about how marijuana is a herb and should be legalised. Even some politicians use that to get votes from addicts, like Ron Paul does. But did you know how harmful marijuana is?

1. Marijuana is highly addictive and its continuous use leads to trying out more potent drugs, like cocaine or meth.


2. People who smoke pot stink and stop caring about their hygiene, like changing clothes or washing their hair.


3. 70% of traffic accidents caused by drug use is caused by marijuana users.


4. 90% of teenagers who dropped out of schools are marijuana smokers.


5. Drug dealers often give pot to teenagers for free, so that later they are in debt and have to sell it for them. This eventually leads to the teenager thinking they can profit by selling drugs and becoming a criminal.


6. Young girls often have to exchange sexual favors to their dealers because of their addiction. This alters both their mentality and morality, which leads to them becoming teenage hookers.


7. Bill Clinton said he experimented with pot. Bill Clinton is an adulterer and is know as one of America's most immoral presidents. He lied about not having an affair with Monica Lewinsky.


8. By smoking marijuana you support the drug cartels.


9. If marijuana would become legal, the cartels would be able to sell it cheaper illegally because it would be tax free. On the other hand, you'd have to pay more to get it legally, because it would be taxed and the price regulated by the government.


10. Smoking marijuana leads to sexual deviations.


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