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a lone appeals judge bowed down to the obama administration and granted them the right to indefinitely detain americans without evidence or a trial, for the soul purpose of finding terrorism and crushing it. Very likely story, Mr Obama. You wouldnt be the first nation to strip citizens of their rights for their "own good". i remember another powerful and mighty nation called Nazi Germany that did just this, to "protect german citizens from communism" So you see, one way or another, if you allow your gov to snatch up your rights from you and even lie to your face thats its for your own good, you dont deserve rights in the first place. RIGHTS= are not something the gov hands out or takes away, you are born with them. anyone who tells you other wise is a fascist or a communist. Bradley manning is currently held under this act for over 800 days. he is not a terrorist. but you can see how with legislation being so loosely worded in the NDAA that this law may apply to any US citizen, terrorist or not. great men before us once said, "those who trade in liberty for security, deserve neither" this a a fact that stands true til this day. if you allow your gov to continue to lie to you and waste your money while they strip you of your freedoms, you deserve nothing but what you get. how again is this the land of the free? do people correlate money with freedom? thats a mistake. 
stayounglover Uploaded 09/18/2012
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