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Brad Pitt Quit Smoking Pot Because He's Not A Retard


Some time ago, a Hollywood superstar actor and a great father and husband, Brad Pitt, told the Hollywood Reporter Magazine that he quit smoking marijuana because, I quote, he "almost turned into a doughnut."

What does turning into a doughnut mean? Most probably getting his brain melted by the effects of the drug. It's important to follow advice from famous and respected people like Brad Pitt, who's not only successful and rich, but he's also a caring father and a spectacular husband. It's very brave of him to give his opinion about the drug, knowing how many people would like it legalised.

More actors and singers should voice their opinions about the dangers of marijuana, so that the children and teenagers wouldn't underestimate its effects and buy bull shit propaganda, even politicians try to sell nowadays to receive votes from drug addicts (Ron Paul is a fine example here).


Thank you, Brad Pitt, for your courage in helping the world learn the truth about drug use.

source of the 'I almost turned into a doughnut!' Brad Pitt quotation:

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