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Internet Pick Pocket


Calling all thieves. I would like to play a little game called internet pick pocket. It is easy and fun. All you have to do is imagine you have just picked the person's pocket that has commented before you.... what did you find? I did not invent this game but I did steal it fair and square from another social website. I am looking forward to some humorous and witty replies. Please don't let me down.

Pick pocketing was started in Asia. The ninjas used pick the pockets of the samurai because they couldn't afford rice. This is how chop sticks came about. The Ninja invented chop sticks. It is true I swear.

Above is a picture of Shylilazn when she was a young boy. He would pick the pockets of the working man to feed his 9 sisters and 2 dads. But since then her need to steal has grown so out of control she has lowered herself to steal others ideas. Such as Bionic Augmentation.

The really sad part is that she has bullied our beloved Dangle to be her look out.
I am thinking maybe an intervention but that is a whole other blog. Please come out and play with me, it will be fun I promise.
Hiesenburg Uploaded 10/10/2012
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