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Only For People With A Strong Gut


Sometimes people don't listen when you tell them they're being idiots who are not using their reason very often, no matter how strong arguments you use. I think the author of a certain movie knew that and made his film a masterpiece when it comes to warning young pot heads about where their addiction might lead.

Requiem For A Dream is a movie about a band of marijuana addicts who follow certain paths. The film is very graphic and many people have told me that a sensitive person probably shouldn't watch it. The motion picture seems to have been made for the purpose of warning young people about drugs. Example? One of the movie characters is so addicted to pot, he injects liquid marijuana into his infected vein and loses his arm. That shit gives you a lot to think.

I didn't watch the movie, but I heard and read a lot about it

shylilazn Uploaded 10/25/2012
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