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I just got back from an enchanted night of blood and religious desecration.  I got to watch jesus get crucified (again) than come back as a cyborg.  With blood shooting everywhere from severed limbs and heads, and the cuddlefish cumming blood everywhere.  FUCKING GWAR RULES.  I am gonna say this, and you can say what you wan't.  This was my first experience with these gods of mockery/punk/thrash/what ever else you want to call it.  IT WAS FUCKING SICK!!!.  If you got a brain in your head, go to a gwar show, wear a white shirt, me being comfortable as a man will wear a white wedding dress next time and make sure it gets ripped the fuck up and bloody as hell.  This was an all ages show at the Roseland Theatre in PDX.  I can just imagine the kind of shit they would do without the fucking hipster reject teens in the audience.   I hate to say it, but they upstaged devildriver 1000x times.  I know gwar is not a new band, I used to listen to em in high school (class of 98' bitches) but this is one of the best shows ever.  In a couple weeks its gonna be Dethklok and Machine Head.  \m/ xx \m/

MrMustaid Uploaded 11/10/2012
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