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The Captain's Propensity

The Captain's Propensity, is a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel about the amazing story of a sometimes juvenile, buffoonish and former United League of Planetâs Captain Robert Michael Calyx, and his adventures and misadventures in the Fortieth Century. This mixed-up story goes on to describe explicitly how this once venerable and decommissioned Captain is presumably, just along for the ride aboard the Starship Americus III. Yes, supposedly as a non official consultant, aboard this newly commissioned, upgraded, powerful and swift tachyon driven, Starship. Which just happens to be on its Maiden voyage to the planetary system of Rigel; a most bewildering star located in the constellation Orion. Which is not, to conveniently located, some 860 light-years from the United League of Planetâs
rjdenardo Uploaded 11/27/2012
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