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Screw you Un-cut guys

This is a "spill-over" blog that has spawned from a different social networking site. The only purpose is to insult and humiliate all the un-circumcised gentlemen that roam about here. I am sick and tired of hearing you dirty cheese dick fuckers spew your filth about how great your un-cut wrinkly penis is. It is common knowledge that you fuckers get aids and syphilis much easier because of your saggy skin. Also, the fact that you have to wipe you dick after pissing makes you lady and you probably sit down to pee.


I see you guys have taken to wearing panties now. You fags. You disgust me. Just because your parents were too scared for a doctor to cut that extra baggage of your dick makes your parents pussies to 9th degree.


Even the Jews aren't scared of little penis cutting and their the biggest pussies in the world.


Oh My God! Look at these queers. Genital mutilation? I think not. Go to a muslim country if you want to see mutilation of genitals. They rip clitoris's of young girls as a part of morning chores. Circumcision is a surgical procedure not some sort of witch doctor shit. Cleanliness is next Godliness, remember that you dirty dick having freaks.

I would like to hear you opinions but I already know I am right. But mostly I just want to be insulted until I slit my wrists.

Hiesenburg Uploaded 12/09/2012
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