Welfare and Warfare

warfare and welfare
both are destructive
in love with death
I guess terror is seductive

not as enticing
is peace, or quiet
children go hungry
adolescent diet

What a strange way
to combat obesity
by cutting back aid
families seem not to be eating

chipping away
at our society
people are fed up
get ready for rioting

drugs, drones and tanks
battles on multiple fronts
Liberty tree is withering
how they hack at the trunk

passing their laws
spreading propaganda
we're all endangered
like a chinese panda

assault guns and extended clips
people are preparing
congress is like an accident:
we cannot stop our staring

look in disbelief
as they trample on our rights
they never look back
to rectify our plights

working against us,
not for us, any longer
bitterness, hungry stomaches
anger makes us stronger

We've got no shortage to war
it is in abundance
don't give me symantics
fuck all of the pundits

but the children grow weaker
without any nutrients
Food pyramid crumbles within
Wonder where all the money went?
Uploaded 01/15/2013
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