Dangle hates pussy.

Don't get me wrong though.  Dangle's a cool guy and shit.  Really smart, always has something cool to say.  But I think it's time he came out of the closet, if you know what I mean.   Although it's not obvious, I've gathered some evidence, and it's all leading towards the same conclusion; Dangle hates pussy.
Ok, maybe hate is a strong word, and maybe I shouldn't use Pussy either, because it doesn't quite describe the domestic cat like it should.  Kinda even makes me feel old calling them that.   Never the less, like I said, I've gathered evidence to prove my theory. 

The idea came to me recently, in the form of a comment in one of my latest blogs.  The blog I wrote was about what I would do if I was an elite hacker who could take over the interweb.  In the comments Dangle wrote; "If I wanted to stir things up, I would devise a program that would destroy all porno and things about cats on the internet."   He didn't add an explanation, leaving me to assume that he hates porn and cats.  

This alerted me, and now I'm starting to notice a trend.  It explains a lot, especially the way we've associated in the past.  Anyone who has read my user profile will know that "I'm Ty, and I have 4 cats".  Dangle has never shown anger towards me in any way, but even after years of sharing this blog section, he hasn't really opened up to me either.   His disgust with felines would definitely explain this personal detachment.   He probably avoids personal conversation with me in order to avoid talking about my babies. He's probably just trying to be polite, but I'm not, and I have serious issue with people who don't like cats. 

You might not be convinced, and are assuming that I'm just some paranoid crazy cat lady.   Which I am, but don't be as quick to judge him as you are with me.  I'm not done pleading my case yet.  Hear me out.
Does anyone remember a certain alt account Dangle made?   Yes, it's true.   CatManCat was it's name, and hating cats was it's game.  He would write blogs from that account about raising cats for food, and how tasty he thought they were.   He claims to have made that account to demonstrate the hypocrisy behind raising livestock.  He said something along the lines of how bad it is to care less about an animal that was raised for food, than one raised as a pet.  I'm calling bullshit on that one.  I think he only said that because he didn't want me to hate him, and troll this shit site with a bunch of hate blogs, much like I was doing in regards to Neko at the time.     In my world, that makes a hell of a lot more sense.   You know, he could have picked an another animal.   Why not DogManDog, or HamsterManHamster?   I'll tell you why not,  that muther fucker is testing society to see if we're ready for cat farming.  He can't wait to start fucking killing em and capitalizing on their furry dead bodies. 

Lately he's been writing what seems to be an innocent series about us bloggers where he takes our relationships and writing styles and uses them to create a fictional medieval fantasy plot.  Apparently I'm the only one here who's noticed the hidden agenda.  First, he sucks us in by making characters based on us, and includes them in the plot, so we'll be interested and read.  He's not dumb, he knows that his political blogs get very few views, so if he were to come right out and say it,  nobody would even see it.  Instead he's trying to tap into our subconscious, and deliver his message against cats that way.  He's using Neko to do it too.   Nobody likes Neko, so by depicting her character as one who is not only evil, but a cat owner as well, he is making us believe that only evil creatures own cats... especially multiple ones. He was even diligent enough to capture the subconscious of those who don't read blogs.  If you didn't make the connection between sin and felines through the text, he included pictures to cover that.  But you all thought that cartoon cat piano was funny...  I saw nothing but animal abuse.  None of those cartoon pussies looked like they wanted to be a piano.  If that gif had sound, it would be horrific. 
Hopefully, if not by now, but by the end of this blog, your eyes will see what mine have.   You will notice the trend such as I have, and will stray away from his anti-cat propaganda.  I urge you all to call his bluff, and make it known, before you too hate cats, or worse. 

Letemdangle, if that's your real name. I'm onto you.  I know what you're up to, and I'm not buying it.  I love my cats, and there is no amount of brainwashing that will ever change that!  

 You ain't eating my pussy! 

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