The Confusion with Dangle's Pussy.

My relationship to pussies is a love, hate relationship. Certain distinctions must be made as to avoid mass confusion and the onslaught of all the gay male eBaumers from trying to hook up with me.  Not that I don't love all my gay friends here and there are plenty, but I'm married with children and the visual does not work for me. 

When I write or say, " I'd hit that pussy", we must discern if "That pussy" is a sucky guy or a "Sucky, sucky? Me love you long time" girl. Now if it's a guy and his suckiness caused me or someone harm it is possible I could hit him. If I wasn't married and felt lonely, I too, would "So hit that pussy".

Would I eat pussy? Yes, I would eat both types of pussy if they are properly prepared for my culinary or in one case cunnilingus delight. Old, tough or tainted meat would in no way meet my Chef Ramsey standard of edibleness. Do I seek pussy to satisfy my hunger? No. I have a willing participant at home and my stomach has no complaint with the more culturally accepted meats and poultry. Though it has been known, I do like to chew on some salty nuts to satisfy my need for protein. 

The question of whether or not I like cats has been raised by Tyeada. As a matter of fact I do like cats. Wild cats that maintain their distance from tender children have my utmost love, respect and awe. But I and people should just stay the fuck away from them. Cats that wander around outside shitting in my garden and killing fledgling song birds, I have no use for, but that is the owner's fault. Grumpy cat, I'd so like to adopt him and I would help any stray cat that came my way. 

As for Neko owning cats? That psychopath fucks with most people's minds here, how would you like to be her pet cat as she schemes up some sick idea that may pleasure you or torment you. That would be one sore pussy that had the shit fucked out of it and I'm not sure if that would be figuratively or literally.

Uploaded 02/06/2013
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