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Apparently, I'm an Asshole!


My life has just gone through a horrible upheaval. The government tax collectors zoomed down on me like a predator drone and almost took out my entire family. I admit, I'm not the best tax payer in the nation, but I have raised four great young men and that has got to count for something. There are no tax credit entries on my tax forms for that. 

Whatever, I refinanced my home, accepted "freedom 95" for my retirement, paid Caesar what is owed to Caesar and have a few bucks in a savings account. 

Part of the legal wrangling involved my wife consulting with an independent lawyer, who working for the lender, instructed my wife, I was a leach on society, a deadbeat and in two years she would demand being released from me pulling her down into a sea of debt. 
It's so fucked, because all I do is take care of my family. I don't gamble or buy toys. It's strictly a meat and potatoes  household. That bastard lawyer has not walked a foot in my shoes and he bad mouths me to my wife? 

Fuck! Why is the establishment undermining the family?  

Letemdangle Uploaded 03/13/2013
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