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Hello fellow eBaumers,
I'm here to inform you that after intensive training these past to weeks, I am a level 2  Drone Pilot. This means I can personally pilot unarmed, (for now) unmanned aircraft for information gathering within the boundaries of the USA and it's protectorates. I didn't even know what a protectorate was before last week.

My superiors have informed all the new trainees that drones and other technically advanced robotic devices are to be deployed all over US controlled soil and airspace for a very long time. This will ensure that the Drone Pilot personnel will have a long and prosperous career within the Armed Forces. We, as fully trained Drone Pilots will be an integral part of all departments of foreign and domestic defense. 

Our superiors have told us that the current state of affairs will be upgraded for all American citizens using drone technologies. This is the dawn of a new age for us Americans, who will soon control all aspects of life the world over. 

God blessed America and we all soon shall join with him. 
Phylisio Uploaded 04/13/2013
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