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Phukyanks is God

Or just maybe he has a God complex, kind of like herpes complex. Or is that herpes simplex? I don't know but phukyanks can probably google it for you. Maybe Phukyanks is google. Or maybe he is herpes.
Here is some product just in case you want to control him. Everyone has a friend like phukyanks, you know they will be back you just don't know when. Which is kind of how herpes works. Strange I know. If this product doesn't work the try...
According to phukyanks God put herpes on this earth so people who didn't have herpes would appreciate not having herpes. Because if the whole world was herpes free then people would then want herpes and would never know how to appreciate not having herpes. Confused? Good.
And on the 69th day God gave us herpes. Thanks God. Can have some aids too? Scratch that God, make that aids with a side of cancer and top it off with a little syphilis.
Thanks God! I feel like a million bucks. God, I would like to take you out for a slice.
Hope you enjoy it God. I know the owner.
Hiesenburg Uploaded 06/13/2013
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