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The Self Centered Universe, Part 5


It has been proposed that the closer an object gets to the edge of the universe the smaller it gets, therefore that object will never physically arrive there. But what if that object and the universe were not  aware of such a plan? The object, as far as it is concerned was just a random particle. The edge of the universe unaware of itself or the existence of particles or any other such nuisances. Then what law would forbid the particle from reaching the edge of the universe? If that space exists, then why can't a particle occupy it? 
Is the universe so fragile that if anything touches it's outer most region it will implode? I think, yes. That is why it is so far from our reach, beyond our consciousness so that we don't prick it like a balloon and reduce it back to one central point. Zero Dimension, the self centered universe.
Letemdangle Uploaded 07/07/2013
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