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A Good Argument for Creationism. Part 5


To keep this from getting too painful, I'll make it quick, but of course I won't be able to discuss my idea to the extent I would like to, due to my weird word limit. If the universe is expanding and the distances between galactic bodies are  slowly increasing in our detectable universe, it is quite possible that galactic bodies in the infinite distance are quickly separating. This would cause extreme strains on gravitational properties throwing everything into chaos. To offset this, perhaps the Creator, creates matter to balance the forces as the universe expands. It is possible, if I am correct, that matter is even added into our galaxy, but because we are so near the center, we cannot observe enough space, and our existence is so infinitesimal, we have yet to observe such a creation.   
Letemdangle Uploaded 07/09/2013
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