Day Three of My fight Against Blogging.

It's been three days since I last blogged. My apologies to my fans and subscribers. It actually hasn't been that difficult, since I have such a high level of will power and can amuse my tantalizing mind in so many other ways. Some might find it ironic I am writing a blog about giving up blogging, but it is because I want you too, to suffer with me. Just like an old worn out drunk babbling about how they quit drinking with blow by blow updates, I too will bore you with my not so interesting challenge of quitting blogging, but with a twist. I will only blog about quitting blogging while boring you with other unrelated matters you do not care about. But thanks to the good people of eBaum's I have been restricted to a one paragraph limit and no clever music videos, but being compulsive and stubborn, I of course, will challenge the latter. Does anyone know of any good half way houses for compulsive bloggers?
Uploaded 07/15/2013
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