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Day Six Without Blogging

Today I did not blog. I skipped day five as a reward for not blogging for four days. 

Unless you have been diagnosed with OCBD like I have by authenticated professionals, don't even pretend you understand my pain and anguish. What is OCBD, you ask? Well, it's obsessive compulsive blogging disorder. It has the distinction of being added to the Psychiatrists Official List of Psychotic Behaviors, just this year and since I am a fully licensed Psychologist, I can assure you I am diseased with OCBD. The pharmaceutical industry is hard at work trying to come up with a sugar pill with a fancy name that might snap me out of it and I'll suck them back like Skittles, if only they will relieve me of my dependency on blogging. My vow to all of you, is that I will never blog unless it is done in a totally nonchalant and independent way. 
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