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Week Without Alcohol, This Calls For A Drink!


I've been sober for a week. Thanks to everyone who showed me support! Today I'm celebrating with brandy. I'm surprised I didn't get a better kick, since I'm after 2 glasses already and I'm not that drunk. More like tipsy.

But anyway, brandy is delicious. If I knew that, I'd become a fan much earlier. My favorite drinks are bison grass vodka and golden vodka. I also like hazelnut liqueur but it's very sweet.

What I like about brandy is that it's a 0,7 liter bottle and it has the same alcohol volume as vodka. 40 percent. Mmmmm.

I've been playing GTA IV some more. The game gets a bit boring with the Irish dorks. I dunno if it's because the missions suck or is it because Irish people piss me off. Prolly both. Anywho, have a great thursday!

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