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Marijuana Allergy Pt. 2

When I take a puff of weed, no matter the type or way of smoking it, the instant the smoke touches my lungs, it takes my breath away. A horrible burning sensation consumes my lungs like flames to flammable liquid. A nasty chronic cough is nonstop for the next 15-20 minutes. I start to break into a cold sweat. Needless to say the buzz is obsolete after all of that bullshit.

After this continued to be my reaction every time I smoked it, I started to wonder if it was in fact, an allergic reaction to it. I never heard or read about anyone who was actually allergic to weed before, but people can be allergic or develop allergies to all sorts of things, so it seemed like a logical possibility.

Well, my research on the marijuana allergies proved my theory correct. People can go years without any issue at all, and then develop allergies to it.

It can be mild, which you
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