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Whats wrong with Ebaumsworld??

I remember being on this site for many years. It was my home base of funny, exciting photos, galleries, and video post.   Of course there will be a few trolls in the group to spice things up and makes for great reading material.

But now it seems that the biggest issue with ebaumsworld is the "andreaherring" or "puffycombs"  basically taking over ebaumsworld with crappy post.  Scrolled through about 4 pages and it seems that he is the biggest contributor lately.   To the point that it isnt worth my time having to sift through literal pictures of shit, racist "paints" and random lines drawn on paper.    

While others complain about getting their post stolen, or how admins took their post down,  some how some way this guy is getting away with basically taking over what was a "decent" site.  i use decent very loosely.

But seriously.   Will everyone please email   and protest this crappy take over over. and get him banned, or at the least have his constant spamming post removed.

brownstarfish Uploaded 10/21/2013
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