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Atheism is a BELIEF SYSTEM not a "NON BELIEF"

If any Big Boy attacks religion but only wants to defend "non belief" - you know its time for a nappy change!

Ask this spoon-fed mass of intellectual abomination one simple question:

Do you believe creationism should not be taught as true?

"Uga uga, ofcourse. ain't no evidence for that sh!t"

Before the next choo choo train is shoved down his gullet, explain to him:

His position on the likelihood of God (atheism), has systemic beliefs (we shouldnt teach creationism)

His atheism is therefor a system

Belief cannot come from non-belief.

His atheism is necessarily a belief system.

Whether he wants to defend non-belief or not. This Big Boy necessarily believes that God is, atleast unlikely.

He therefor has a burden of proof. This proof cannot be attained through probability of earthly religions being false. Earthly religions being false has no bearing on the prospect of an all powerful creator of the universe.

Be sure to disinfect his high-chair when done dribbling.

phukyanks Uploaded 03/28/2014
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