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Bringing up the race card


In this election... just watching it, i hate to say it, but the racism has come up. The most disturbing part, is that Obama and his capaign is the only side donig that. He's saying things like "They try to scare you, his name is funny, He's black!" but Mccain and his campaign haven't said these things. Another thing about it, is Obama doesn't mention any names. Who are "They" they can't be Mccain and his people, could they? He does the same thing he has done with every issue, he generalizes it so that he can talk about it, without actually getting into depth. Then he goes and says its sad it hasn't remain on the politics and issues, when he is the only one pulling away from the issues. Unfortunately, this seems like another showing of the double standard of racism... Obama can play the race card and not get blamed, but Mccain wouldn't dare to, because if he tryed it, the public backlash would be ridiculous.

shoremen19 Uploaded 08/08/2008
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