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The Depths of My Insomnia


Well, here I am again. It's 3:43 in the morning and I have yet to fall asleep. This would be looked at as a typical night for me, but the funny thing is I have already taken two sleeping pills -- and I am not talking about over the counter pills. My doctor prescribed me Ambien and I have been taking Melatonin for the past year. So five hours ago I took my sleeping pills and here I am now.

For the past five hours, I have been laying in bed wondering why the fuck I can't fall asleep. I haven't been on the computer or doing anything productive -- just laying here.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I have some kind of incurable insomnia, it doesn't go away no matter what. I talk to other people who take Ambien and they say that there is no way in hell they would take more than one of those pills. I must be in the placebo group then because fuck I can't sleep for anything.

Do you think they'd do that to me? Actually put me on a placebo version of a pill and then ask me how my results were? They aren't that dick... are they? Seriously. I don't drink caffeine, I haven't had any, and I woke up early today.



...I just want to be able to sleep. You don't think my life is going to turn out like Fight Club or The Machinist do you? Shit I don't know if I can handle that right now, I have to go back to school. AUUUGH.

AngryCas Uploaded 08/08/2008
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